Ellen White was a founder of the Adventist Church. She was a messenger of the Lord. And an influential leader. And yes, she was a woman. At the General Conference Session in 1887, “Ellen White’s name was among those voted to receive papers of the ordained ministers.” (Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891, p. 377). Ellen White held ministerial credentials by 1871. (There were numerous female pastors in Mrs. White’s era, as early as 1872.)

Ellen White received the salary of an ordained minister starting in 1881. She received ordination certificates as an Ordained Minister in 1883 and other years such as 1887, 1899, 1909, 1913. She was listed as an ordained minister in the General Conference Yearbook starting in 1884. She made many positive statements affirming women in ministry. “There are women who should labor in the gospel ministry,” she said. (Manuscript 43a, 1898). In this video you will hear insights from Adventist leaders and scholars regarding EGW and women’s ordination. Her writings and her ministry undergird their support of women’s ordination.

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