“Rights and Wrongs” – The Real Issue in Women’s Ordination. In this presentation in Loma Linda on January 24, 2015, Kessia Reyne Bennett explained that the real issue is not who has the right to choose ministry for themselves; the issue is God’s right to choose whom He will. This is an important contribution to the discussion on women’s ordination.

“Recognizing the Holy Spirit-ordination of women into the gospel ministry with full ecclesial authorization (what we currently call ‘ordination’) is important because to reject, de-legitimize, or neglect His movement is an affront to the Spirit’s authority and to His right to do with us whatever He wants.”

She points out that “issues of church policy, issues of justice (rights and freedom and equality) are pertinent, and that if the Holy Spirit is exercising His right to call women into church leadership then we are acting unjustly toward Him as well as toward the women whom He calls when our policies prohibit their service.”

Ms. Reyne Bennett has served as a social media professional and an Adventist pastor, evangelist, and university chaplain. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in systematic theology. She is also a perceptive blogger, including a written form of this topic, entitled “Women in Ministry: Not Our Rights but His.”

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