On August 8, 2015–one month after the vote at the General Conference Session–President Dave Weigley of the Columbia Union presented this sermon about various forms of oppression he has seen, from the streets of inner-city Baltimore to the halls of ecclesiastical decision-making in San Antonio.

When God has called a woman to the ministry, it is a mistake for the Church to treat her as a second-class pastor. But, drawing parallels to the experience of David in the Bible, Pastor Weigley reminds us that there is sometimes a delay before God’s anointing comes to fruition.

This is a message of encouragement, entitled “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” It was presented at the Kettering church in Dayton, Ohio. You will want to listen to this sermon all the way to the end.

Since 2006, Pastor Dave Weigley has served as President of the Columbia Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which approved women’s ordination in 2012. His passion is providing spiritual and visionary leadership in developing plans for accomplishing the mission of the Adventist Church in the Columbia Union. He is currently a candidate for a Ph.D. degree from Andrews University.

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