Women have served as pastors in the Adventist Church since at least 1872. There were many female pastors in Ellen White’s era — about twice as many per capita as there are today. Women ministers have been “commissioned” by the GC since 1990. Does God discriminate in whom He calls to the ministry? God has ordained and poured out His Spirit on “whosoever will.” God said we are all one in Christ; there is no male or female. (Gal. 3:28) We saw an excellent blog that explains this sensitive subject with good humor and sound reasoning. The writer resorts to the mythical book of “Hezekiah” to make her point. Don’t miss this enjoyable and incisive look at the issues: Truth About Equality in Ministry. She unveils the game of semantics about which word to print on the pastor’s certificate: “ordained” or “commissioned.”

See also Pastor Bill Cork’s article and the message from William G. Johnsson, with some similar insights.

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