Fascinating facts on Adventist women as spiritual leaders under the headship of Christ. In an attempt to cut through some of the confusing ideas surrounding the question of whether the Seventh-day Adventist Church should ordain women as pastors, here are some basic ideas and principles that should inform our Biblical understanding of the issue. From our friends at OrdinationFacts.com.

One of the false arguments asserted by the anti-WO activists is a new theology of “male headship.” They claim that it applies to the pastor as head of the church. There are several problems with that new theology. For one, the minister is not the head of the church!

Ellen White made it clear that Jesus Christ is the only head of the church. She also preached that the secret of unity is the equality of believers in Christ. (Ellen White, 1SM 259) She said the Holy Spirit “prepares workers, both men and women, to become pastors.” (Ellen White, Testimonies Vol. 6, p. 322) Our prayer is that the Adventist Church will unite in the equality of believers, including equality in ministry.

For more information on headship, including insightful papers and videos, see our post, Pastor Is Not the Head.

Dr. Angel Rodriguez, a theologian for the General Conference Biblical Research Institute from 1987 to 2011 and its director from 2002 to 2011, explains that the vote in San Antonio is not intended to be a majority vote about whether the Bible allows ordination of women to the ministry. The Adventist Church does not define truth by majority vote. This is not a theological issue. It is simply a question of what is best for the Church. Dr. Rodriguez explains that a Yes vote is a vote for unity and a vote for doing all we can to follow Christ’s command to go and tell the Good News. Continue reading

According to Ellen White, Christ is the only head of the church. “God has never given a hint in His word that He has appointed any man to be the head of the church” (Great Controversy, p 51). “Christ, not the minister, is the head of the church” (Signs of the Times, Jan. 27, 1890). “Christ is the only Head of the church” (Manuscript Releases, 21:274). Continue reading

An open letter from Pastor Tom Hughes:

April 5, 2015

Dear Opponents of Women in Ministry:

As a pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 35 years I have seen many controversial subjects discussed. However, as our GC president has taken a very negative stance on women’s ministry, and prominent television ministries and publishing houses have done the same, I must publicly and respectfully disagree with them, so I’m writing this open letter to draw attention to Ten Questions that concern me. Continue reading

Women have served as pastors in the Adventist Church since at least 1872. There were many female pastors in Ellen White’s era — about twice as many per capita as there are today. Women ministers have been “commissioned” by the GC since 1990. Does God discriminate in whom He calls to the ministry? God has ordained and poured out His Spirit on “whosoever will.” God said we are all one in Christ; there is no male or female. (Gal. 3:28) We saw an excellent blog that explains this sensitive subject with good humor and sound reasoning. The writer resorts to the mythical book of “Hezekiah” to make her point. Don’t miss this enjoyable and incisive look at the issues: Truth About Equality in Ministry.

See also Pastor Bill Cork’s article and the message from William G. Johnsson, with some similar insights.

Here is an interesting point-counterpoint argument about women’s ordination. The debate has been raging for 40 years, since 1975 (or actually since at least 1881). This article was published in the Adventist Review 30 years ago in 1985: “Should Women Be Ordained to the Gospel Ministry?” Read it at http://drc.WhiteEstate.org/files/63.pdf . We think the “Yes” argument on the left side is more scriptural, well-reasoned, and compelling. How about you? Pro-WO, or Anti-WO? You decide.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has provided scriptural answers to common questions about ordination. The answers are faithfully based on the Bible and corroborated by the Spirit of Prophecy:

What is the purpose of ordination?

Ordination formally sanctions an individual for the purpose of fulfilling the Church’s global mission Continue reading

The ministerial staff of the La Sierra University Church shows the importance of rightly dividing the Word of God. The presentation from March 14, 2015, begins with a dramatic reading of Scripture, followed by cogent observations from lead pastor Christi Oberg. Should men and women be equal most of the time (except in ministry)? Or does God ordain men and women equally? Watch this video to find out as Chris Oberg explains.